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Belgian Conception.American Perfection.

Experience Verellen

The embodiment of Verellen begins here. With every expertly handcrafted piece you’ll find distinctive details, superior tailoring, the finest materials, and timelessly modern styles.

August Haven is proud to be one of the exclusive retailers in Wisconsin that carries this stunning line, and we cordially invite you to come in and experience the lived-in luxury found within every Verellen piece.

Distinctive details. Elegant lines. Authentic materials.
Forgivable fabrics. Tailor-made covers.

Timeless sophistication.

The Style

The Options

The Linen

Often built to standard European seating specifications, Verellen pieces are designed to be casual yet elegant, sophisticated yet inviting. Each Verellen piece boasts unrivaled European sophistication and American comfort.

With virtually unlimited options, Verellen is the true definition of a custom order line. Select everything from unique fabric, cushion fill, finishing details, thread color, configuration, seating depth, and so much more.

Real beauty lies in the rich history of true Belgian linen. The final result is an organic, sustainably grown material that possesses enduring qualities such as lasting durability, unrivaled comfort, and rich color absorption. 

"I keep coming back to Verellen because there really is no substitute. If you’re looking for something that leaves you feeling cocooned and comfortable, you just can’t beat it."

–  Jim Greene, August Haven Founder

Experience It For Yourself

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